Halloween Tree Planting in Ohop Valley

Construction has officially concluded in the latest phase of the Ohop Valley Restoration Project but the fun isn’t over yet! Now that the old ditch has been removed and the newly created channel is flowing with water, it is time to restore the floodplain by planting native trees and shrubs.

Historically, the Ohop Valley was covered with a variety of trees and shrubs, which were removed to make way for farming. Although this allowed early settlers to forge a life in the area, Ohop Valley was no longer a healthy floodplain. Healthy floodplains are important because they provides habitat for wildlife, nesting sites for birds and can reduce the risk of flooding.

Healthy floodplains are also important for fish! The trees and shrubs provide shade, keeping water temperatures low. When the trees fall down, the large woody debris offers hiding placing for fish and creates a variety of in-stream habitat. Insects that live in the forest canopy fall into the water, providing food for juvenile salmon. The roots of the trees prevent erosion, which increases the quality of water in the stream. Finally, trees also provide oxygen, which benefits not only salmonids, but humans too!

To help us restore that floodplain, we need your help! Join us on Halloween (October 31st) for a morning of tree planting! Costumes are welcomed!

What: Help us plant some of the 2,500 native trees and shrubs in the floodplain of Ohop Valley! It’s a great way to get involved in your community, meet new people, and make the Nisqually Watershed a little healthier!
When: Saturday, October 31st from 9:00 to 12:00. Note–ALL volunteers MUST be on site by 9:45! (more details below)
Where: The beautiful Ohop Valley, near Eatonville. You must RSVP to receive full directions. A short shuttle ride will be required because of a lack of parking at the restoration site. The last shuttle will run at 9:45. You MUST arrive before then to take part in the event!
RSVP: Sheila Wilson, Nisqually River Education Project. Email: sheila@nisquallyriver.org; phone: 360-438-8715, ext 2153
Bring: Warm clothes, good shoes, rain gear, and a costume (if you’d like!) Snacks and some beverages will be provided, but please bring more food and water if you think you’ll need it.

Do you have additional questions? Please feel free to call 360-438-8715 at any time. We’ll see you out there!

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